Twitter just added another enormous name to its repertoire of celebrity tweeters – LeBron James. According to Chris Paul’s (verified) Twitter, you can find LeBron @KingJames.

UPDATE: We’re hearing some chatter on Twitter that the @KingJames account has been active for a few months already. So, a few possibilities. Either 1) LeBron took over the account, it’s genuinely him, and Chris Paul broke some major Twitter news; 2) the account actually is new, it’s LeBron, and Paul was right; 3) someone snookered Paul and he passed along bad info (possible, but seems unlikely); or 4) Paul was just having some fun with all of us. If it’s option 4: Chris Paul, you devil, you.

We’ll stay on top of this, and in the meantime, you may all return to your lives.

LeBron’s supposed account is brand-new, not yet verified, and without any tweets at the moment, but if Paul, a good friend of LeBron, says it’s the real thing, we’re inclined to believe him. Here’s Paul’s fateful tweet:

**Couldn’t convince him to tell me which team he’s goin to but convinced him to join twitter lol…my brother from another mother @KINGJAMES

It’ll be fun to see how often LeBron uses Twitter, if at all. He likes being seen, heard and liked, and Twitter is such a natural tool to increase visibility and interaction that we’re sort of surprised he hadn’t created an account already. For now, get ready for a Conan-style following blitz (almost 13,000 followers in the 11 minutes following Paul’s announcement).

We would love if the story of LeBron’s Twitter account surpassed the story of his free agency. We’re on our way to just that.


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