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Usher Reveals Pressure Broke Up His Marriage In VH1’s “Behind The Music”


wUsher is about to open up about his bitter divorce from ex-wife Tameka Foster in VH1’s Behind The Music.  

Usher revisits those tumultuous months in a candid interview, detailing the events that led to the breakdown of their union. The singer will also delve into his past relationship with TLC star Rozonda ‘Chili’ Thomas and clear up rumors of infidelity surrounding their split in 2003.

Usher tells VH1’s Behind the Music:

“I never thought of him cheating, I don’t know I just, I didn’t expect anything like that from him because of how much we loved each other. But I kept hearing about it, then I went to him and I asked him and he… admitted it. You know I just, I felt like… a fool, I felt like everybody knew something and I didn’t, and I’m… just now finding out.” – Rozonda “Chili” Thomas on finding out about Usher’s infidelity

“The relationship between me and Tameka, uh, definitely bothered my mother… She never chooses to speak about it, but, I think that she just didn’t approve of it because she didn’t want to.” Usher on the rift between his ex-wife Tameka and his mother

“Life is an evolution. So as I look at the reality of who I’ve become, I’m very happy, you know, but at the same time I’m, I’m humbled in every way every day.” – Usher, reflecting on life

“I would not be who I am, what I am, without her.” – Usher on the influence of his mother



“At heart I am a lover man, because I’d always wanted to be in a relationship, a serious relationship.” – Usher on seeking love

“I hated the album. You know, because I just, I hated what it stood for. I hated that it was blowing up because people were thinking that ‘Oh my God, this is all about their relationship,’ it was just too much. It was a lot for, it was too much for me to handle.” – Rozonda “Chili” Thomas on Usher’s album, Confessions

Tameka Foster Says She Still Loves Usher

“I’ve been with him holding his hand since the age of 13. So he kind of wanted to step out and do his own thing as a man and I applaud him for that.” – Jonnetta Patton, Usher’s mother, on Usher firing her as his manager

“I felt like there was so much that I wanted to ask him. I wanted him to be clear about a few things with me and I wanted him to meet my son.” – Usher on the death of his father

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I’m paying a lot, but I got a lot out of the deal too, you know. Um my boys, I love them, you know, and I’ll never be unavailable for them. I’ll always be there. Not having my father be there is what makes me the father that I am to my sons.” – Usher on fatherhood and being awarded joint custody of his two sons


“They make me want to get up and live, you know. I have a purpose that is greater than just, you know, amassing wealth and being recognized, you know. This is, this is real, real life now.” – Usher on being a father

“Behind The Music: Usher” – Premieres Monday, July 19th at 8:00 PM ET/PT