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The Real Reason Why People Hate Usher’s Ex Wife Tameka

Since Usher’s Behind The Music debuted on VH1 a few days ago, blogs have been on fire discussing the episode. One thing in particular stood out in the episode. Usher discussion of his ex-wife Tameka Foster. It seems that every time her name is mentioned it burns a hole in the hearts of women across the world. I still am confused as to why there is so much animosity towards this woman. Even Usher acts as if he wants to denounce her existence and their marriage at times.

Tameka Foster: I Have What Chilli Wants

What baffles me the most is that it seems that Black women were the ones who were the most disgusted by his choice in Tameka.  Why is that? Here a few of my perspectives on this situation.

Could it be that Black women saw Tameka as a reflection of themselves and became disgusted with that image? Tameka was an average looking Black woman with several kids. She was not a star or a model. Nothing about her screamed unique or celebrity. From the outside looking in, there was nothing magnificent about this woman. I think that some women saw Tameka and also saw themselves. She wasn’t glamorous. She was regular.  They saw a reflection of what they might hate in themselves. Several kids, hard working single mom. Thinking that they themselves could never pull a man like Usher or of his caliber so what makes her so special? Why did he choose her? He not only chose her but he impregnated her TWICE! Oh yeah, there goes the jealousy factor. You knew it had to be there somewhere. Instead of it giving regular chicks hope that they too could snag a celeb, it annoyed them more than anything. I am convinced that if he married  Pop star Rozanda “Chilli” Thomas from TLC, whom he dated for many years, the reactions would have been much different.

Granted, Tameka does make herself seem….. To Read The Rest Go To YeahSheSaidIt

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