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LeBron’s Sidekick Scandal: 5 Names You Shouldn’t Call Your Girlfriend

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Batman had one named Robin, and apparently so does NBA player LeBron James. He calls his Savannah. Savannah Brinson, that is — longtime girlfriend and mother of his two sons.

James, 25, has the Internet (mainly women) in an uproar because of a recent interview in Harper’s Bazaar September issue. In it, James called his high school sweetheart his “sidekick.”

“A person like myself always needs a great sidekick,” James told the magazine. “A person you can rely on no matter the circumstances. And she’s that. She’s got my back, and I love her for that.”

You could hear the gasp from women everywhere as the the interview snippet posted around the ‘net. Heads swayed, eyes rolled and fingers snapped as women typed in comment sections exactly how they felt about James calling his main squeeze his sidekick.

I laughed as so many readers got upset over something so trivial. Reading the entire interview, it’s apparent that despite his word choice, the couple has a comfortable and healthy relationship. I’m sure Brinson, 24, and James aren’t losing any sleep over it. Too many people project their own feelings about their own dysfunctional relationships on the celebrities they think they know. Just because your man calls you “strawberry seed” or “butterfly boo boo” doesn’t mean LeBron has to, or that Savannah even wants him to.

In hopes of preserving a level of serenity and peace, here’s a list of pet names far worse than “sidekick” that men should avoid. Some men use these nicknames as terms of endearment, but after the “Sidekick Scandal,” I warn men to think twice, and I would of hated to see what would of happened if James used any of these words. *Gasp*

Baby Girl

Some women get very agitated when called this, as if their maturity comes into question when it’s used. Fellas, watch it. If your woman gives off an air of self-righteousness, snobbishness or has a big ego, avoid this name. Imagine the response if said to the wrong woman: “Un uh, do I look like your daughter? I’m a grown woman, not a little girl…” Oh boy.

Old Lady

On the other end of the spectrum, this is a name that may make a woman think you’ve become bored with her. Seriously, it’s rarely used these days, but calling any woman this no matter how old or young she is a big no-no.


Southern rappers have tried and tried to make this name cool, but calling the woman you love this is pretty disrespectful. Because it’s so generally used, it has become synonymous with chick or girl, and shawty carries the denotation of a play thing versus the real thing.

My Bi*ch

This might be a term of endearment in more ‘hood circles, but no self-respecting woman wants to be equated to a female dog. Yes, Peaches and Alize might love when you call them this, but 9 out of 10 times this name is derogatory, and will NOT work.

Homie or Friend

Calling a woman you are seriously dealing with either one of these terms along with any of these derivations — buddy, pal, etc — might get you slapped