Power Thought

The greatest success You don’t have to be famous to be important. You don’t have to be a celebrity to be successful. You don’t have to live in opulent luxury to be rich. You don’t have to be irresponsible to be free. You don’t have to be outrageous to be creative. You don’t have to […]

Best possibilities Some people think they can demand your attention just by being outrageous. Give your attention instead to those who offer real substance. If you allow yourself to be offended, you’re allowing someone else to dictate your thoughts and feelings. Instead of being offended, you can choose to be amused or inspired, or to […]

Act on your dreams Your most treasured dreams are far too valuable to be hidden away. Instead, put them into action so that they become real and vibrant contributions to your world. Every moment will be filled with some activity or another. So fill as many of those moments as you can today with positive […]

The gift of today You have a wonderful, beautiful, valuable gift with which you can literally transform your life. That gift is this day you’re now living. This very day is overflowing with rich and meaningful possibilities. The value of this day is here and now, right in front of you. Life’s great abundance is […]

Positively responsible Even when you’re in a negative place, the next step you take can be in a positive direction. Even when you’re feeling down, with your thoughts and actions you can lift yourself up. Disappointment and frustration are facts of life that you’ll often encounter. But that doesn’t mean you have to perpetuate them. […]

Live it now If you postpone your joys until later, the opportunities to experience those joys will grow fewer and fewer. If you put off dealing with the problems until later, they will become much more difficult to get beyond. Choose instead to live life as it comes. Diligently, and without complaints, work through each […]

The long haul Instant results are not always the best results. Have a little patience, and you can greatly expand your possibilities. If your desires were always fulfilled immediately, you would have nothing to look forward to. You would miss out on the joy of anticipation. There are some good things you can have instantly. […]

  Always your choice When life hands you a negative experience, respond with a positive action. Instead of letting the difficult circumstances pull you down, choose to let them inspire you. Sure, it’s easy to become dismayed. Yet the truly empowering fact is that it’s just as easy to become determined. Your attitude is always […]

A life well lived Pleasure is nice, but it is never enough. Material wealth can be immensely helpful, but brings no fulfillment of its own accord. Power can give great satisfaction to your ego. Yet a life lived solely in the service of ego ends up being small and pathetic. What truly makes life good […]

Risk in everything When you act, there is no guarantee you’ll succeed. That’s what makes success so valuable and so very much worth achieving. When you venture forward with the intention of creating value, all sorts of obstacles will befall you. Make the commitment to work diligently and enthusiastically through each one, because that is […]

Through the difficulties One of life’s greatest gifts is the fact that life is difficult. Because in dealing with life’s difficulties, you build priceless skills. Those skills enable you to successfully fulfill your deepest, most meaningful purposes. It is precisely because life is difficult that you are able to make it great. It is because […]

More than just getting by You can do just enough to get by, but then all you get for your trouble is to stay where you already were. With a little more effort, you can make your efforts truly count for something. As long as you’re doing the work, you might as well use the […]