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Live it now

If you postpone your joys until later, the opportunities to experience those joys will grow fewer and fewer. If you put off dealing with the problems until later, they will become much more difficult to get beyond.

Choose instead to live life as it comes. Diligently, and without complaints, work through each difficulty as it comes along, and enthusiastically live the opportunities for joy as they appear.

Your world is filled with abundance. And in order to transform that abundance into meaningful value, you must make good use of it as it arrives.

Each moment gives you the opportunity to add richness to your life. Each day brings you new ways to express the unique beauty of who you are.

Live that richness and express that beauty not in some distant, imagined someday. Live it now.

Your life is here today, filled with all kinds of great possibilities for joy and achievement. Get up, get going, and live it now.

— Ralph Marston