Two decades have passed since outraged blacks flared in anger after an all-white jury presumed that four Caucasian policemen–video taped while brutally beating Rodney King, a young black motorist–were not guilty. The nationally televised uprising, usually described as a “riot” by mainstream pundits, journalists and academics, began deep in the black community, on April 29, […]

During lunch earlier this week at a posh Beverly Hills restaurant, Oprah Winfrey foot the bill for a homeless man to have a lavish lunch. The TV mogul was in a creative meeting with executives from her OWN network on the Scarpetta eaterie’s patio, and enjoyed a five-course meal while she listened to her employees […]   CLEVELAND – Like expectant parents, they gathered inside Cleveland Browns Stadium, fans old and young anxiously awaiting word from a delivery room some 450 miles away in midtown Manhattan. The normal new parent anticipation of boy or girl replaced by the question of whether the suit-wearing stork known as NFL […]

9 Unexpected Places to Find Love • The post office • On the bus, subway, or other public transportation • An airport • In a night class or another type of class, such as cooking class • At a church or church events • At local senior events, if you’re an older adult; oppositely, many […]

Common Food Arguments Couples Have By Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD for Do you and your significant other argue about food?Pizza…argument…heartburn. Sound familiar? Some fascinating research currently underway at The Ohio State University may explain why we feel worse when we argue with our spouses after an unhealthy meal. In the study, couples are asked […]

Understanding Men: What We’re Doing Wrong By Liz Dawn Donahue, Care2 Healthy Living It came to my attention during my own process of dating discoveries that something needed to change in my perception of men. I am going to use my experiences as a heterosexual to explain things, however it really does not make a […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – A student was arrested at JFK High School Wednesday morning after bringing a gun to school. The student was busted upon entering the building as he walked through the school’s metal detectors, which set off alarms. The student was patted down by security and a gun was located inside of his […]

(WOIO) – The sole survivor of a family tragedy has taken a turn towards the worst as her killer dad’s funeral services are announced. Thursday, Kayla Allen, 10, was downgraded from fair to critical condition at MetroHealth Medical Center Earlier this month, her father, Kevin Allen shot Kayla and killed her mother Catherina and younger […]

Malikah Beeks The Cleveland Heights teen has been missing since April 11, 2012.  Though her last appearance is not known, it is possible she has ran away with 14-month-old son Logan Beeks.  More information is on link below: Link Courtesy of Black and Missing Foundation  

The divorce between Pilar and Deion Sanders seems to grow uglier and uglier by the day. Pilar was arrested for allegedly jumping Deion two days…

A woman of many hats and talents, Kimora Lee Simmons has a few business tricks up her sleeve.

As Debra Beasley approached age 57, she believed that her face was starting to look “a little haggard.” She needed a boost, something to rejuvenate not just her face, but her spirit, she says. Beasley, of Farmville, Va., finally spoke to her longtime dermatologist, Dr. Yvonne Knight, about her concerns. Although she was nervous about […]