Cheaters beware. Hackers who stole sensitive information from, a website that arranges hook-ups for married individuals, have made good on their threat to expose more than 36 million of the site’s users. The data dump includes full names, email addresses, phone numbers, and some credit-card data as well. The hackers, who refer to themselves as the “Impact Team,” […]

CLEVELAND – From two-timing in Tremont, to betrayal in Brecksville and rendezvous in Rocky River, an affair service online has new data on Cleveland’s cheating suburbs. said the most affair seekers live in Rocky River, with Lakewood and Shaker Heights rounding out the top three. The least faithful neighborhoods are based on Cleveland’s more […]

Steve and his ex wife, Mary in happier times….  Mary Harvey, Steve Harvey’s ex wife has decided to come clean, and air Steve’s dirty laundry.  Will this tarnish Steve’s “squeaky clean”  golden image? Skeletons! Although Steve is doing well, and he is on top of the world, on top of his game.  Hosting “Family Feud”, […]

Your Spouse Cheats: Do You Want to Know? by The_Stir, on Tue Jan 4, 2011 2:07pm PST There are really two kinds of people in the world. The first are those who want to know everything. They would buy a crystal ball if they could. They have no interest in being surprised or blindsided by […]

Men who make less dough than their girlfriend or wife are more likely to cheat on them.

Finally we can find out what really happened at Tiger Wood’s House on Thanksgiving!

Don’t cheat on your mate! Or Else! Somebody got put on blast!