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Your Spouse Cheats: Do You Want to Know? by The_Stir, on Tue Jan 4, 2011 2:07pm PST There are really two kinds of people in the world. The first are those who want to know everything. They would buy a crystal ball if they could. They have no interest in being surprised or blindsided by life and pretty much like to know what to expect. Then there are the others. The others prefer to be kept in the dark and don’t want to know a thing. More from The Stir: Ex With Benefits — A Bad Idea? I am definitely the former kind. I want to know everything; spare me nothing and don’t be concerned about my feelings. But since others are different, how do you know when to draw the line? And when it comes to matters of love, how much do people really want to know? This is the question a woman in the UK is asking herself right now as she ponders whether or not to tell her friend about the affair she had with her husband many years ago. The friend asked. And now she doesn’t know what to say … Tell her the truth! She is asking, after all. Do people really ask questions they don’t want to know the answers to? Wait, don’t answer that … More from The Stir: Why Men Move On So Fast After Breakups Just kidding. Do answer that. Because I think the answer is no or, at least, it should be. We shouldn’t ask questions we don’t want to be answered honestly and, given that, a true friend would be honest with her friend. No matter how painful the answer might be to both of them. In general, the truth is a good rule of thumb. It may be more difficult and it may cause pain, but people deserve to know the whole story about their lives and make their decisions accordingly. If it were my husband, I would want to know. I would be furious and hurt and probably dump her as a friend immediately, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want the whole truth. What kind of friend sleeps with a woman’s husband — even years before — and then calls herself a close friend? No one is a good friend to this woman, and since she is asking, someone better start telling. Would you want to know?