God is showing out this week, first he brought Chicago native R&B singer, Jeremih out of ICU, off the ventilator and into a regular hospital room while fighting COVID-19 now everyone’s favorite weatherman Al Roker went from the operating table back to his ‘TODAY’ show desk. The 66 year old Al Roker spilled his own […]

Prayer warriors are being summoned as everyone’s favorite weatherman Al Roker broke shocking news that he has been diagnosis with prostate cancer. Al Roker who started his career in Cleveland at WKYC channel 3 new made the announcement on the TODAY show. According to Al Roker the diagnosis came following a visit to his doctor, where an […]

After Al Roker‘s strong stand against Megyn Kelly‘s blackface foolery last year we’re surprised to learn that the Today Show weatherman has come to the defense of the meteorologist who was fired this week for using a racial slur onair. Viewers of a Rochester television station were shocked this week when a meteorologist lobbed a racial slur about Martin Luther King Jr. during a weather […]

In a segment on the Today show on Wednesday, hosts Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer demonstrated how to make their family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes before a panel of expert judges. While Dreyer and her husband Brian went with a relatively safe crab dip, Al Roker and his brother Chris introduced both the panel and viewing audience at home to […]

As the old saying goes, he who laughs last, laughs last. That would be the case of NBC’s Al Roker who will be back in the anchor chair in the 9am hour of the “Today” show. This, after he was replaced by Megyn Kelly. Unfortunately Roker won’t have his former comrade, Tamron Hall, re-join him as she […]

Roker has been with NBC since 1978. Al Roker is a legend at NBC and has been with the network since 1978. He has seen them come and go, and we all can’t wait for the moment when Megyn Kelly joins those who have left. Fortunately, Roker had some choice words for  the overpaid television host who sees […]

A source close to the situation, says that a story we ran yesterday about how Tamron Hall’s expected to stay with the “Today” show family after former Fox News personality Megyn Kelly takes over her time slot is not the complete truth of situation. In fact, NBC is pushing Hall out all together despite having a top […]

In their groveling assent to the “people of the country who are so forgotten,” you know, real Americans, NBC is reportedly contributing its own special brand of self-interested racism to the culture by keeping daytime TV and news as white as it wanna be. You would have thought that after the MSNBC debacle where the […]

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“He lied to you, he lied to Matt Lauer, he lied to his mom,” Al Roker said during the heated Today Show segment. “He left his teammates hanging while he skedaddled. There was no robbery, there was no pull over. He lied.”

In a video that's been circulating on social media, Roker shuts down Billy Bush, who argues that Lochte "embellished" his story.

In a video shot heard around the world, Al Roker was not trying to hear any defense of Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer who apparently made up a fantastical story of being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil starting a series of events now dubbed #Lochtegate. Roker, who was sitting on a beach in Ipanema covering […]

Detailing what many Black people know as one of the oldest racial profiling experiences, famed weatherman Al Roker took to Twitter Saturday night to announce that he filed a complaint after a NYC Yellow cab allegedly passed him to pick up a White man. “Wonder why Uber wins,” Roker wrote, mentioning the ride-share company that […]