Bill Cosby is facing more legal trouble, as he's just been sued for rape in Los Angeles County. 

‘We Need to Talk About Cosby’, unedited, because I think we missed ‘IT’. Since ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ it seems like survivors of other have been coming out of the wood work.  It seems like everyday we are hearing about a celebrity that allegedly sexually crossed a line at some point of time, of all colors […]

The trending news of the day is that the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court overturned Cosby’s 2018 sexual assault conviction and have ordered the what had appeared to be the fallen from grace actor/comedian to be released without the possibility of being recharged for the sexual assault conviction after finding that he was denied protection against […]

Bill Cosby’s longtime wife is finally speaking out after news of his recent appeal is making headlines. She gave an interview on “ABC News Live Prime.” From EURweb: …anchor Linsey Davis spoke with Bill Cosby’s wife, Camille Cosby, about his court appeal, the #MeToo movement and Black Lives Matter. Cosby does not seem to pleased with the movement […]

Gayle King has been the #1 trending topic of the past week for an interview she conduct with Kobe Bryant’s close friend WNBA legend Lisa Leslie.  What you thought would have been an excellent interview coming from Kobe’s friend about not only the NBA star but the man, went left when Gayle King brought up […]

If you are a Eddie Murphy fan you will never forget his Bill Cosby bit when Dr. Huxtable was at his high, and Murphy say’s called him saying “I would like to talk to youuuuu about the stuff you use in your show”, stuff meaning sh@t.  Well after Eddie Murphy’s triumphant return to SNL after […]

Bill Cosby for the first time since being locked up for sexual assault has spoken to the media in a interview that was conduct via telephone in 15 minute increments because in jail only get 15 minutes a call. According to Cosby he will probably do all of his time because he doesn’t have any […]

R. Kelly, seeing his future is looking bleaker and bleaker, has reached out to the man who handled Bill Cosby‘s mess because he wants avoid being the subject of another “public lynching of a successful black man in America.” Hmm, that doesn’t quite make sense to us ’cause that’s exactly what did happen to Cosby. Although, […]

Bill Cosby has been in jail for over 4 months now and hasn’t had any visitors. Don’t feel sorry for him though, reports say that it’s by his choice. According to, Andrew Wyatt, a spokesman for Cosby stated that he doesn’t want nor expect his wife or their four daughters to visit him in prison, which is about 20 […]

Andrea Constand and former model Janice Dickinson hugged after Bill Cosby was sentenced to 3-10 years in prison for raping Constand in 2004. Dickinson, who has accused Cosby of drugging and raping her in 1982, was sitting in the second row when she reportedly threw back her head after the judge announced Cosby’s sentence in court, laughing loudly. “See, I got […]

The 81-year-old may spend the rest of his life behind bars. On Monday, Bill Cosby will be sentenced for his conviction  on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault for drugging Andrea Constand before he sexually assaulted her at his Philadelphia home in 2004. The legendary comedian might be headed to prison that same day. READ MORE: Full […]

The television icon will be sentenced on September 24. Is the reason why Bill Cosby was found guilty due to a weak legal team? It appears he may think so. According to the Associated Press, Cosby fired his second legal team “whose aggressive tactics failed to sway jurors from convicting him of sexual assault.” The team included Becky James, […]