This truly horrible, sad news as it is being reported that the 3 Year old baby girl affectionately known as ‘Cupcake’ in Birmingham, Alabama that had reportedly disappeared from a birthday party on October 12th has been found dead. According to authorities the remains of 3 year old Kamille ‘Cupcake’ McKinney  were found in a […]

An Alabama woman is lucky to be alive – thanks to a Facebook video. A week ago, nursing student Brittany Diggs was forced into the trunk of her own car by a man demanding money. Diggs was terrified, until she remembered watching a Facebook video that explained how to get out of a car trunk […]

What you see above is a map of Detroit. The small colorful dots represent people, plotted to show where they live and their race. Whites are…

An Alabama rapper received jail time for a music video he participated in that allegedly glorifies cop-killing, reports. SEE ALSO: Hilary Clinton Recalls A Good…

I bet this is the last thing that 22 year old Shehnaz Khan expected as a birthday present. Shehnaz was celebrating her birthday at a Beyonce concert…

A local FOX affiliate out of Birmingham, Alabama is reporting that two deaf men began arguing during a church service which lead to a stabbing. Church of the Reconciler‘s leader, Reverend Matt Lacey, told FOX-6, the two men fought by signing to one another, adding, that it escalated when one of the men picked up […]

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) — A UPS cargo plane crashed Wednesday morning in an open field just outside an airport in Birmingham, Ala. There were no homes in the immediate area of the crash, said Toni Herrera-Bast, a spokeswoman for Birmingham’s airport authority. The Airbus A300 plane crashed around 5 a.m. CDT on approach to the […]

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (AP) – A University of Alabama art student has filed a federal court suit alleging nude photos of her ended up on the Internet after she had work done on her computer at Best Buy. Attorneys for Nicole March said she filed the invasion of privacy suit Friday in federal court in Birmingham. […]

The 1963 class of Western-Olin Hugh School in Birmingham, Alabama had their prom cancelled due to their involvement in civil right protests. Well, over 50… Click here for pictures of Tom Joyner’s tour of Pratt City. BIRMINGHAM, Alabama – A week after killer tornadoes swept through Alabama, claiming lives hundreds of lives and flattening houses and businesses, the signs of recovery can be heard in the sound of buzzing saws and debris removal equipment. Some communities in the state’s […]