BEACHWOOD, OH (WOIO) – Pier W in Lakewood is warning guests that their credit and debit card information may be at risk. Select Restaurants, the Beachwood-based company behind Pier W in Lakewood, said a recent data security incident at its third-party vendor may have compromised payment information of some guests who were at 12 different […]

PARMA, Ohio– Discount store chain Marc’s is expanding payment options at all of its 58 locations. Marc’s used to only accept cash or checks, and later allowed shoppers to use their Discover cards. In January, the company added more card options to 11 of its stores. On Monday, Marc’s announced customers can now pay with […]

STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) – Marc’s is now accepting credit cards at their Strongsville location. The discount grocery store, which, as of now, only accepts cash, check and Discover cards, will be testing the program at the Strongsville location before a possible rollout to all 58 of its locations across Ohio.   READ MORE: Article […]

RushCard suffered from a technical shutdown last month, preventing many customers from being unable to access their own money for days. But Russell Simmons, the creator of the pre-paid Visa card, has been relentlessly persistent in assuring customers that he would do “whatever it takes” to fix the problem. The mogul sat down in an exclusive, hour-long interview with the NNPA News […]

Russell Simmons’ troubles following the “glitch” with his RushCard program has invaded his legal space as he faces a class action lawsuit for fraud. Media sources report the suit is demanding that damages and restitution be paid by RushCard for the period of time in which cardholders were without money. Items cited to justify the […]

  Mellody Hobson is President of Ariel investments, a Chicago-based money management firm that serves individual investors and retirement plans through its no-load mutual funds…

Oh wow! So, according to Mr. Katt Williams, he is the reason that Kevin Hart is as big as he is today…in fact, he is taking credit for more than a few things being what they are today! Check him out in the Vlad TV interview below! There are a lot of Kevin Hart fans […]

At last night’s 2014 Academy Awards ceremony, many took notice of 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen clapping somewhat reluctantly for screenwriter John Ridley after he won an Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay. Even more glaring, Ridley did not thank McQueen during his acceptance speech thus sparking murmurs of a feud. Adding fuel to […]

After being in lists where CLE is portrayed one of the poorest, dangerous and miserable cities, here is one where the city is ranked more positively!  Sound off in our comments section below: Do you agree that CLE is where you can find love, and also, were you about to meet that special someone in […]

  UPDATED 1/10/14:  Shoppers are now learning that as many as 70 million credit cards and debit cards are now at risk after a massive data breach at Target stores. The original number was 40 million, but Target has now upped the figure to include pretty much anyone who used plastic after mid-November 2103 at […]

  The popular chain has issued an apology and provided a number for those concerned to call.   Target confirmed Thursday that previous reports about the unauthorized access of customers’ credit card data were true. In a press release posted on the Target website, the Minneapolis-based retailer admitted that approximately 40 million credit and debit […]


While we were on break, a story broke about credit that blew my mind. Brace yourself for this: Watch the company you keep, because your…