Tamar Braxton’s boyfriend/fiancé’/ex-all the above, allegedly, David Adefeso was a hero for saving Tamar’s life after an alleged suicide attempt however it seems that his hero status was short lived as everyone has been coming for Adefeso from Tamar’s ex-husband Vince to now living legend R&B singer and the eldest of the Braxton sisters, Toni […]

WTH!!  How crazy is this!?  It is being reported that Tamar Braxton’s finale, David Adefeso, the dude who allegedly saved her life when the R&B singer/reality star attempted suicide, has filed a restraining order against her, allegedly. Rumors had been swirling that David Adefeso was an opportunist however Tamar has seemed to have his back. […]

Tamar Braxton spoke out the other day via Instagram to let her fan know that she appreciates their prayers and give an update on what happened when she was rushed to the hospital after an what is being reported as an attempted suicide.  The R&B singer/reality TV star, also let be known that mental illness […]

43 year old Tamar Braxton was reported as being in the hospital for allegedly trying to commit suicide after being found by her new boo David Adefeso.   Many have been asking the question as to why would a celebrity such as herself try to kill herself?  The answer often times in these cases are hard to answer […]