CLEVELAND– Corner Alley Uptown at University Circle will be closing soon. The company confirmed to FOX 8 News it will close its doors at the end of May, saying the nightspot was “far too large for the market.” Owner MRN released the following statement surrounding the closing: “The Uptown development, completed in 2014, has been […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Registered voters in Ohio rejected Issue 2 on Tuesday’s general election, which would have required residents to pay no more for prescription drugs than the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 2017 Election Results An overwhelming 79.28 percent of votes rejected the ballot issue, or 1,816,074 voters. Supporters and opponents of the […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Customers must use cash at all Home Depot stores on Saturday. The store said their computers are down nationally. A sign on a door at the Cleveland Heights location apologized to shoppers for the inconvenience. A worker at the Cleveland Heights location said workers are trying to fix the issue, sometimes […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The Yellow Cab Company parked its fleet after more than 80 years in business. The company made the announcement before Memorial Day. Between 40 to 50 drivers and 14 dispatchers will be out of their jobs and not expected to receive severance or health benefits, according to the general manager. She […]

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio– As the saying goes: If you don’t like the weather in Cleveland, wait 15 minutes, it will change. Maybe that was one driver’s thought when leaving the house Thursday morning. Joe Burdick said he snapped this photo on the ramp to Interstate 480 west from Interstate 77 north at about 7:50 a.m. It […]

EAST CLEVELAND – A salt truck drove up and down Euclid Avenue in East Cleveland but the test run Tuesday was short-lived. A truck driver declined to go on camera but confirmed the salt truck was not working. It is one of two salt trucks in the city that are down due to electrical reasons. […]

**WARNING: Some of our viewers may find the video disturbing** LORAIN, Ohio– The Lorain police chief was joined by other city and religious leaders on Saturday to discuss a recent lawsuit accusing the department of excessive force. Pele Smith, 30, filed a federal lawsuit against a Lorain police officer for using excessive force during his […]

The Denver Police Department has terminated an officer for using excessive force during an arrest last year. According to the Daily Mail, Officer James Medina was fired last Wednesday after video of an arrest made in July of 2014 surfaced. Seryina Trujillo was arrested after allegedly spitting on a cop during the arrest of her boyfriend. While […]

KENT, OH (WOIO) –Are smart phones making students not-so-smart? A study recently conducted at Kent State University revealed alarming results. The conclusion they were able to draw: The more time students spent on their smart phones, the lower their GPA. Professors behind the study say they finally have the data to prove what they’ve been telling their students […]

  NEW YORK (RNN) – NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams announced Saturday afternoon he has decided to remove himself from the broadcast. The longtime anchor came under fire this week when his account of an attack on a military helicopter convoy he was with in Iraq came into question. NBC Universal released a memo […]

  (WOIO) – Ohio’s unemployment rate was 4.8 percent in December 2014, down from 5 percent in November 2014. Ohio’s nonfarm wage and salary employment increased 5,100 over the month, from a revised 5,325,300 in November to 5,330,400 in December. The number of workers unemployed in Ohio in December was 278,000, down 9,000 from 287,000 […]

  AKRON, OH (WOIO) – When you put money in The Salvation Army’s Red Kettles, you can expect change. The dollars, quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies all add up to positive change in our community, but so far this year, the numbers are not adding up locally. According to Major David Dunham, Area Coordinator for […]