Two months after being shot in the head, a Detroit high school student surprised his classmates by walking across the stage during his graduation ceremony. SEE ALSO: Kenya Moore Gets Booted Out Of Mansion For Nonpayment? Fox 2 News reports that Balaal Hollings was senior class president, student government president, homecoming king and a football […]

First Lady Michelle Obama spoke passionately about the importance of education to the African-American community in a commencement address Friday, urging more than 600 graduates…

A South Carolina mother believes she was unfairly singled out because police arrested her for cheering at her daughter’s high school graduation. Shannon Cooper let out a cheer for her daughter, Lesha, as she received her diploma from South Florence High School on Saturday night. That’s when police slapped on the cuffs and escorted her […]

Fred Dukes recently walked the stage to receive his high school diploma from Booker T. Washington High School in Atlanta, Georgia. What made this young brotha’s achievement so much sweeter was that he did it while being homeless and without any family support. reports that Dukes, who scored a 24 on his ACT and […]

Higher education used to mean going to college and getting a Bachelor’s Degree. But now more than ever black students are earning graduate degrees and beyond. Some more than others. The Council of Graduate Schools reported that during the 2010-2011 academic year, 176,836 of graduate students were African-American with more than 70 percent being black […]

A month shy of his 16th birthday, Ty Hobson-Powell made history Sunday when he walked across the stage at The Lyric as the youngest person ever to graduate from the University of Baltimore. Hobson-Powell gave up a fledgling basketball career when he began college three years ago, commuted more than an hour each way from […]