The greatness of Tupac Shakur was cut short when he was murdered at the age of 25 in Las Vegas in 1996.  That year Tupac became a legend and his legacy was left to carry on by his ‘Dear Mama’ Afeni Shakur until the time of her death at the age of 69 in 2016. […]


Not very far from the acclaimed Woodstock Festival in Bethel, New York, a powerful celebration of black heritage was taking place. In the summer of 1969, The Harlem Cultural Festival, just one hundred miles south of Woodstock, was home to a six-week event highlighting history, fashion and the black experience. Performers included Stevie Wonder, Nina […]

‘Rise Up’ R&B singing sensation Andra Day rose up to the occasion when she was casted for her first movie role playing the legendary and iconic Billie Holiday in a new biopic titled The United States Vs. Billie Holiday, directed by the real King of ‘Empire’ Lee Daniels. We all know that Andra Day has […]

As we are picking up new things to do while we Shelter In Place due to the coronavirus pandemic, one of the top things to due is binge watch any and anything.  Well we found a show that is binge watch worthy to Northeast Ohio.  Why?  Not only because the Queen of ‘Scandal’ is in […]

The Walt Disney Company is acting like Thanos right now in grabbing so many Hollywood entertainment properties. Months after the Mouse purchased 21st Century Fox (which also included a stake in Hulu), they made the move to acquire the streaming service outright. And today, they’ve done just that. Disney and Comcast announced a new deal, […]

Hulu is coming for Netflix subscribers, and it’s not even being subtle about it. After upstaging Netflix’s Fyre Festival documentary by surprise-dropping its own Fyre Fraud just days before — in a spectacularly obvious move — Hulu has now announced plans to drop the price of its (most popular) basic subscription plan from $7.99 to just $5.99. The move comes just a week after Netflix […]

According to Hollywood Reporter, Hulu is set to stream a docuseries based on the luxury-music-festival-gone-to-complete-shit that was Fyre Festival. This particular docuseries will be developed by Billboard, Mic, and the Cinemart, and is currently scheduled for a release in 2019. The as-yet-titled series will reportedly delve into what went on behind-the-scenes, while also reporting on the current investigation into the failed event. […]

“Oooh in a 90’s kinda world…”   The show that set the stage for ‘Friends’ will have a second resurgence when Hulu begins streaming ‘Living Single’ on Thursday, January 11. ‘Living Single’ was a groundbreaking series that profiled four dynamic Black women living in Brooklyn, New York. The series covered everything from relationships to entrepreneurship and […]

The ’90s were arguably the second golden age of the sitcom, in both a creative and a financial sense, but for most kids of the era, the sitcoms they fondly remember most aren’t Seinfeld or Roseanne, but ABC’s kid-friendly Friday night block TGIF. It stood for “Thank Goodness It’s Funny,” which oddly sounds more like an expression of […]

Hulu has acquired the U.S. rights to “Pure,” the six-part Mennonite drug-running drama starring Rosie Perez and Ryan Robbins currently airing on CBC in Canada. The series follows a Mennonite pastor (Robbins) trying to protect his family and preserve his faith while battling drug trafficking within his community. Perez plays a Texas DEA agent bent […]

The “Criminal Minds” star set the record straight during a recent interview.   Actor Shemar Moore’s sexuality has sparked a lot of speculation. The Criminal Minds star set the record straight during a recent interview, claiming that he’s not gay. “I just think it’s all silly. If you’re gay, you’re gay. I’m not, and I […]

Going to the movies is far from a dead pastime, but according to recent reports, online video-streaming revenues are expected to surpass the box office within five years. Netflix, the streaming video market’s leading service, announced they’ve surpassed 50 million subscribers in this week’s quarterly earnings report. The company reported $838 million in domestic streaming […]