Some politicians in Columbus have come for Ohioans fearless leader Governor Mike DeWine’s neck, the man that has been leading us through the COVID-19 pandemic, a Governor that had acted proactively to save his citizens lives opposed to being reactive to see what was going to happen next.  On Monday Monday, as three state lawmakers […]

Donald Trump isn’t the only one with their trigger finger on the Twitter Tweet button, except in the case of Nancy Pelosi she had a message, a time, and a video, now the Chess match to give President Donald Trump his on peach , and not the kind Andy Cohen gives The Housewives, impeachment. It is official, Speaker of […]

Pelosi’s comments are not going to sit well with Democrats who are calling for the 45th President of the United States to be impeached, with members of Congress who have “introduced articles” wanting to pursuing the action.   House Speaker Nancy Pelosi does not currently support impeaching President Donald Trump despite thinking that he’s unfit […]

The congressman is creating an awkward situation for members of his party.   Texas’ Democratic Rep. Al Green vowed to force an impeachment vote against President Donald Trumpon Wednesday, which Democratic leaders are calling premature, Politico reported. SEE ALSO:  Rep. Al Green Receives Racist Threats After Trump Impeachment Remarks “The framers of the Constitution wanted a means to remove a president […]

“You’ll be hanging from a tree,” one caller said in a message for Rep. Al Green (D-Texas). A Black Texas congressman that he’s been threatened with lynching by callers angry with him for seeking impeachment of President Donald Trump. According to The Associated Press, on Saturday Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) held a town hall meeting and […]

In a 225-201 vote, the Republican-controlled House of Representatives has voted to sue President Barack Obama, giving Americans even more reason to intensify their ever-expanding disapproval of Congress.…