CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Facing $30 million in cuts from the state, 13 percent lower property valuations, and a variety of shortfalls, Mayor Frank Jackson is scrambling to find $42 million to end the year with a balanced budget. Moving to next year, there is only one solution. “We are going to be seeking a one-half […]

CLEVELAND – Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson has proposed raising the city’s income tax to 2.5 percent to make up for a budget deficit of more than $41 million. Jackson said the income tax hike would result in balancing the budget, as well as providing the city with another $40 million to spend on improving city […]

According to Marc Morial, president and CEO of the National Urban League, the start of 2015 saw the most sustained period of job creation this century. Indeed, that seems like good news, except for the fact that Black unemployment remains twice that of White unemployment, and wages are stagnant for those who do have jobs. “Many […]

  According to a September 2013 study by Visa, Americans who eat out for lunch spend nearly $936 a year on average, solely on lunch. This breaks down to about $18 a week, or eating out twice a week at nearly $10 per outing. Looking to cut back and save that money for something else? […]

Funk legend George Clinton has had a long history of legal woes when it comes to the ownership of his large musical catalogue. While the “Flash Light” creator was awarded his masters back in a the past few years, he was just hit with some disappointing news about said master recordings. The U.S. Court of […]

When it rains, it downpours on Columbus Short. The former “Scandal” star is about to be sued by a man who claims Short beat him up in  a bar brawl. The two were in talks to settle the matter out of court. However, Short rescinded his offer once “Scandal” sent him packing. According to the […]

Detroit filed for bankruptcy Thursday afternoon, becoming the nation’s largest public sector bankruptcy. The move could slash pension benefits to city workers and retirees, and leave investors holding the city’s debt with only pennies on the dollar. Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr, appointed by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder to oversee the city’s finances, had been holding […]

CLEVELAND – Cuyahoga Community College will offer a free personal income tax filing service for those who meet eligibility requirements with an earned 2012 income of less than $60,000. The services will be offered at four campuses. Walk-in help on a first-come, first-served basis is available as follows: – Metropolitan Campus, 2900 Community College Ave. […]

WASHINGTON — A high-stakes, multi-layered game of chicken is underway in the Capitol, as House Republicans grapple with how to handle a fiscal cliff bill sent their way by an overwhelming bipartisan vote, even while it’s wildly unpopular within their conference. A vote that had been scheduled on the bill immediately to follow a conference-wide […]

WASHINGTON — The United States government will miss the end of the year deadline to resolve the so-called fiscal cliff, House Republicans conceded on Monday afternoon. The House of Representatives will adjourn December 31 without voting on a bill to delay the impending tax hikes and spending cuts that will take start to take place […]

WASHINGTON — With hours remaining to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, President Barack Obama said a deal is “within sight” and urged lawmakers to come together to avert automatic tax hikes and spending cuts that kick in on Tuesday. But his midday press conference, with a group of middle-class Americans looking on, was not without […]

WASHINGTON — The preliminary fiscal cliff deal being negotiated by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) and Vice President Joe Biden would achieve up to $790 billion in revenue over the next decade. Some of that money would be offset by extensions of tax credits and other stimulative policy, leaving roughly $715 billion in debt […]