Keshia Knight Pulliam may have just received the best birthday present anyone could ask for... the birth of a healthy baby boy!

The former “Cosby Show” actress better stop playing with the IRS.   Looks like getting kicked off “Celebrity Big Brother” and running out of breast milk aren’t Keshia Knight Pulliam’s biggest problems. She apparently owes a grip in back taxes. According to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Pulliam has an outstanding tax balance of over $100,000 with the Georgia Department […]

Keshia Knight Pulliam has been supportive of Bill Cosby throughout his trial, and she spoke to Today about that support, saying that she was simply acting on the Golden Rule. “At the end of the day I truly believe you’re innocent until proven guilty, and that’s just not the man that I ever experienced,” Pulliam told Today on Wednesday. “I […]

Turns out Keshia Knight Pulliam chose Bill Cosby over her ex-husband’s paternal rights when she decided to attend day one of her TV dad’s sexual assault trial in Pennsylvania, according to TMZ. Pulliam’s decision to escort Cosby into the courtroom on Monday (June 5) violated a court order in her child custody agreement, according to […]

Bill Cosby chose another former co-star to escort him into court for day 3 of his criminal sexual assault trial. The 79-year-old walked hand-in-hand with actress Sheila Frazier, his co-star in the 1978 comedy, “California Suite.” Frazier who also starred in the 1972 movie, “Super Fly,” is married to the hairstylist for both Cosby and […]

The fallen star could spend up to a decade behind bars if he’s convicted.   The sexual assault trial of iconic entertainer Bill Cosby began Monday morning in a Montgomery County courtroom, NBCNews reports. He was accompanied by his former The Cosby Showactress Keshia Knight Pulliam. “It’s the first time Mr. Cosby will have to […]

Keshia Knight Pulliam and Ed Hartwell’s divorce took a new, ugly turn this week when a friend or ex-friend now, we’re sure, told her story. She says that not only did Hartwell have a side chick, he was allegedly plotting to end Keshia’s pregnancy. How this pair was ever happy enough is the biggest question […]

Ed Hartwell found out his estranged wife Keshia Knight Pulliam gave birth to their baby from his lawyer, Page Six reports. Apparently Ed found out with the rest of the world. Keshia posted an image of the newborn’s hand on social media, mentioning her brother Mshon Pulliam. Oop. A source also said, Ed found […]

This is a wonderful end to what was a very tumultuous pregnancy.   Little Rudy Huxtable is all grown up! That’s right, The Cosby Show actress Keshia Knight-Pulliam has given birth to a baby girl and is now officially part of the Mommy Club. Keshia even gave her new daughter a name that is truly […]

In honor of Delta Sigma Theta’s  Founder’s Day we are taking a look at celebrity members of the historic organization.