With the NBA lockout still going strong, we need something to keep us going. Enter Shaquille O’Neal. In a new autobiography called “Shaq Uncut: My Story”, O’Neal tells his side of the story about the reported tension with former teammate Kobe Bryant. In this excerpt, Shaq tells of a confrontation with Bryant after his 2003 sexual assault […]

(WOIO) – Former Duke Point Guard Kyrie Irving was the number one pick in the 2011 NBA Draft, heading to the NBA to play for the Cleveland Cavaliers. But now that the league is in a lockout, Irving is heading back to Duke to continue his education. Irving, who spent only one year at Duke, […]

He joked about pulling an “R. Kelly” on a fan … his crush on Celine Dion … and that he must have been “on crack” when he changed his name … and that’s why Ron Artest’s comedy show was magical. Ron Ar….I Mean Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) is a comedian now! Do you think […]

(WOIO) – Looks like Delonte West has landed a new job while the NBA lockout drags on. According to CBSsports.com, the former Cavs store is working at Regency Furniture Showrooms in Washington, DC. West tweeted his job application to his followers on Wednesday. In which, West stated he was ready to start working “yesterday” and discovered the company […]

Boston Celtic guard Delonte West claims on Twitter that he has applied to work at home depot due to the NBA lockout. Due to a previous weapons case, West cannot play overseas like several other NBA players plan to do if there is a lockout in the NBA. Here is what West Tweeted: It’s official.. […]

The NFL lockout is over as the two sides have reached an agreement on a new labor deal. Now the fun starts — the league is re-opening and free agency will soon start. Source: [ione-gallery id=”1100225″ src=”http://newsone.com”%5D

Oh boy! I don’t know what you’re gonna do with no NFL or NBA! Add the NBA to the list of lockouts! NBA owners informed the players union that they would be locked out when the CBA expired at midnight Thursday. The two sides negotiated for three hours Thursday, but were nowhere near a deal on […]