One can only talk on the phone and type texts for so many hours a day. So how do you keep long-distance love alive with just a matching pair of iPhones keeping you connected to your honey? Silly question really… with apps of course! Here are several lovely apps to add into your long-distance love […]

A kiss. A reassuring touch. A look. Expressing love to your spouse is easy when you’re both under the same roof. Doing so when you’re miles apart can be tricky. How can you effectively share your heart with the spouse you’re temporarily separated from? Ideas for the Spouse at Home Send a care package. When […]

12 Ways To Keep Things Hot When You’re Apart by, on Wed May 18, 2011 7:45am PDT We were bummed to hear that Prince William would soon be leaving Kate home alone for months while he does air force training. Because, really, no couple wants to be separated. Luckily, there are easy, low-dough tricks […]