NASCAR vowed change was gonna come with their sport.  Then a noose was found in the only black full-time NASCAR racer, Bubba Wallaces car garage in a secure site Sunday at Talladega Super speedway.  On Monday NACASR literally stood behind Bubba Wallace.  On Tuesday after an investigation into the who, what and why the noose […]

George Floyd’s unjustified death playing out in real time changed a lot of peoples views on systemic racism even the sport that was viewed as the ‘Good Ole Boy’s’ sport banned the flying of the rebel flag at their events although someone took umbrage with decision to take away the fans right to fly the […]

The more hate try’s to rear it’s head, the more solidarity and love is being shown. Nascar made the decision to ban the Rebel Flag from flying at their events in the wake of the George Floyd murder one driver even quit then yesterday someone hung a noose over the Lone man of color in […]

Fashion Houses must not have a Human Resources department or a code of ethics training program. Because these past couple of weeks have been full of designers not thinking before they let their models strut their offensive down runway. First it was Gucci and their black face sweater then Prada and their big lip monkey […]

The family of Otis Byrd, the man who was found hanging from a tree in Mississippi last month, has hired a well-renowned medical examiner to…

Another institution is under investigation after a noose was found hanging from a tree just a few miles from Ferguson, Mo. The noose was found at North Tech High School Wednesday morning, according to KMOV. It isn’t yet clear if a student or a member of the school staff discovered it. After the police were called, the device was taken down. […]

A noose found hanging from a tree on Duke University’s campus early Wednesday has prompted an investigation, school officials say. According to CBS, Vice President for Student Affairs Larry Moneta sent an email to students confirming the noose was removed, adding that the “hateful and stupid act” will not create fear, but “have the opposite effect.” The […]

T.J. Maxx has removed a controversial t-shirt from their racks after the imagery featured on the garment sparked controversy. An image of the shirt that featured the words “Hang Loose” with a graphic of a noose was recently circulated around the web and had many people up in arms. The shirt was created by the […]

UPDATE: 5:30 P.M. EST The Claiborne County branch of the NAACP has announced that the man found hanging from a tree in Mississippi is 54-year-old Otis Byrd.…

Members of New Jersey’s Phillipsburg High School wrestling team who took a controversial picture of themselves wearing hoods surrounding a Black wrestling dummy with a…

A maintenance worker is suing his employer, claiming he was subject to harassment that included displays of shackles and a noose at work. Vernell Coles claims that Carilion Clinic, where Coles worked for 15 years, passed him up for a promotion in a work environment that was “racially hostile and offensive,” the Roanoke Times reports. […]