As prolific and ahead of his time rapper Tupac Shakur was when he was gunned down at the young age of 25 years old.  As young as Tupac was a lot went on in his short life to produce one of the greatest Hip Hop artists of all times.  Tupac was talented, always involved in […]

LAKEWOOD – Just hours after the city of Lakewood had to remove swastikas that were painted on a street and driveway, some members of the community congregated to cover the pavement with love. Rep. Nickie Antonio rounded up several children to drive out hate with a new message. All it took was three boxes of […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The Officer Michael Brelo trial isn’t even over yet and the verdict has yet to be handed down but a group of clergy is asking residents to control their emotions in advanced. Cleveland Pastors want the city to remain calm and in order, regardless of the outcome. “We are aware that […]

  We can have a lot of things in life, but if we don’t have peace, we’re never going to truly enjoy our lives the…

  As the nation awaits the announcement of the grand jury’s decision to find out if Officer Darren Wilson will face charges for killing unarmed teen Michael Brown, the victim’s father is calling for peace in Ferguson. Here’s what Mike Brown Sr. said on his hometown station Hot 104.1 in this powerful public service announcement for […]

  The father of Brown has also called for a day of peace as his son was laid to rest following his murder by a Ferguson, MO police officer.   ST. LOUIS (RNN) – Thousands of mourners in St. Louis came to the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church for the funeral of Michael Brown, the […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – There have been a number of protests in wake of the deadly Cleveland police chase and shooting. Now, Reporter Ed Gallek has learned of a rally for the police. Community organizers are planning an event for this Sunday, February 10, from 5-6 p.m. in front of Cleveland’s Second District Headquarters on Fulton just off of I-71. Organizers […]

NEW YORK CITY – A large crowd is expected  to gather in Times Square on Wednesday, December 28, for the 5th annual “Good Riddance Day.” It’s a chance to say so long to whatever made you feel blue in 2011. People are encouraged to destroy their bad memories with a giant paper shredder or sledgehammer, […]

CLEVELAND – While thousands came out for Black Friday, thieves are also poised to take advantage of distracted shoppers with hundreds in purchased items. I was out overnight for the rush at Steelyard Commons and talked with a crime-fighting team out in force. They’re trying to prevent the surge in burglaries, so-called “crimes of opportunity,” […]

Ten steps to peace is  an exercise we all should try.We all need that extra push to get over the two days behind us and look to the two days to go. Issues that we need to work out are ongoing. There is no one cure all but you can work it out. 1. LIVE IN […]