Beyonce’ dropped her latest album “Renaissance” that has came with heat musically and critically.  First Kelis took shots at Beyonce’ for mixing her ‘Milkshake’ in it without out her permission, then a Bishop came for Beyonce’ in a sermon for mixing in a legendary Clark sisters song  in her song ‘Church Girl’.  According to Bishop […]

Kelis ‘Milkshake’ brings all the boys to the yard, but she wasn’t feeling it be used without her permission on ‘Renaissance’.  Beyonce’ wasn’t feeling the negative ‘Energy’ surrounding the track so she is now removing Kelis from it. 42 year old rapper Kelis through a flag on the play when she heard the leaked version […]

Can’t we all just get along…guess not because everybody isn’t here for Beyonce’s newest project ‘Renaissance’, singer Kelis isn’t to be more specific after she found out that Beyonce’ sampled her song on ‘Renaissance’. ‘Renaissance’ hasn’t even dropped yet but after a leak the drama has. 42 year old Harlem native Kelis is throwing a […]