A principal at a middle school in Utah, decided to deal with male rejection, and totally ignore a females right to say no, by making it school policy that if a boy asks a girl to dance at his school, saying no to the boy is unacceptable. An 11 year old girl attended her middle schools […]

Marriage “between first cousins” is forbidden by law in 24 states, while six would only allow it under “certain circumstances.”   EAGLE MOUNTAIN, UT (KTVX/CNN) – A pair of first cousins in Utah is fighting for the right to get married in their home state, saying their love shouldn’t be limited just because their parents […]

Y’all really should have left stupid back in 2018. Instead here we are, getting into car accidents because of Bird Box. Smh. According to the Layton Police Department of Layton, Utah, a car accident took place on Friday morning because one of the drivers was participating in the ridiculous Bird Box challenge. That’s right, a 17-year-old girl was driving […]

Another officer, who had advised the fired detective to arrest the nurse, is planning to appeal his demotion.   Jeff Payne, the Salt Lake police detective fired Tuesday for his high-profile arrest of University Hospital nurse Alex Wubbels, wants his job back. Late Thursday, Payne and his attorney, Greg Skordas, filed an appeal of Payne’s […]

A Utah nurse says she was assaulted and illegally arrested after she stood up to a police officer’s request for a patient’s blood which he apparently didn’t have permission to take. The arrest of Alex Wubbels, a 41-year-old nurse at Salt Lake City’s University Hospital, was filmed by Salt Lake City police officer Jeff Payne’s […]

Black History Month

  Demario Warren made history in the state of Utah last week after he was hired as Southern Utah University’s first Black head football coach.…

The Republicans have reportedly canceled Monday’s scheduled debate after GOP front-runner Donald Trump announced he would not attend. “I think we’ve had enough debates,” Trump said Wednesday on Fox News, which was to have hosted the debate. The local Fox affiliate in Salt Lake City reported the cancellation on Wednesday, citing a representative for the […]

Rodger William Kelly, 50 (pictured above), stands accused of rape after inserting his penis into his unconscious 29-year-old neighbor on May 19 to “save her life,” reports The Salt Lake Tribune. “He said he did place it inside of her to try and get her temperature up,” court documents said. The woman was lying unconscious […]

During an overnight standoff with police at his hotel, Jason Valdez did what anyone does when they’ve got time to kill: He updated his Facebook with pictures of his hostage. Armed with a gun and a smart phone, 36-year-old Valdez held a woman hostage for 16 hours at a Ogden, Utah motel while SWAT teams […]