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Y’all really should have left stupid back in 2018. Instead here we are, getting into car accidents because of Bird Box. Smh.

According to the Layton Police Department of Layton, Utah, a car accident took place on Friday morning because one of the drivers was participating in the ridiculous Bird Box challenge. That’s right, a 17-year-old girl was driving with her eyes covered.

“Apparently, as a part of this ‘Bird Box Challenge,’ (the driver) used her beanie to pull over her eyes as she was driving on Layton Parkway, and she ended up losing control of her car and skidded into the westbound lanes of Layton Parkway and hit another car and ended up hitting a light pole as well,” police told local outlet KSL.

There’s a scene in Bird Box where the main characters have to drive with all the windows covered in order to avoid seeing the monster lurking outside, so that they don’t spontaneously commit suicide. It’s a bumpy ride, to say the least, and also should never be replicated in any fashion in real life. Fortunately, no one was hurt as a result of the accident.



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