The year 2020 shocked the world in many ways with the pandemic.  But the historic year of 2020 started off with the shocking death of NBA star Kobe Bryant and his daughter in a helicopter crash. It is hard to imagine losing your husband in such a tragic accident but to lose your daughter too?? […]

Today on the Bijou Star files on 93.1 WZAK: Vanessa Bryant’s Legal Team Speaks Out After Reports Alleged That Deputies Shared Photos From Kobe Bryant’s Helicopter Crash Site Vanessa Bryant is grateful to the individual who filed an online complaint exposing these acts of injustice, and for the choice to protect human dignity.  A deputy […]

The world has been keeping Vanessa Bryant uplifted in their prayers as she has had to mourn the loss of her family members, NBA great Kobe Bryant as well as her baby girl Gianna, that lost their lives in a horrific plane crash the end of January.  Vanessa not only endured their loss privately but […]

Vanessa Bryant has been going through what we could only assume and imagine as an absolute nightmare since January 26th when her husband Kobe Bryant, daughter Gigi and other families boarded a helicopter to go to a simple youth basketball game.  A trip that would change Vanessa Bryant for the rest of her life after […]

If you have ever experienced a loss of a loved one then you know first hand who difficult it is dealing with the loss, making arrangements along with maintaining your life before the loss.  In the case of Vanessa Bryant we can only imagine how difficult it must be to have to arrange services for […]

The Los Angeles Lakers are struggling, but Kobe Bryant has a reason to smile. He and his wife, Vanessa, announced Friday they have reconciled and dropped divorce filings from December 2011. The couple used social media — first Vanessa on Instagram, then Kobe on Facebook — to let their fans know the news.   “We […] *For the Kobe and Vanessa Bryant watchers out there, StarzUncut.comhas just obtained exclusive evidence showing that the on-again/off-again couple are separated, possibly headed toward divorce, and that all reports claiming the couple had truly reconciled are unfounded. The celebrity couple no longer live together, and lead entirely different lives. We broke the news last […]

Australian Olympians Liz Cambage and Craig Stevens say he’s having an affair with three-time gold medalist Stephanie Rice. (Don’t forget Kobe’s Olympic teammate LeBron James was also put on blast for trying to hook upwith an Olympic swimmer). Stevens said “There’s definitely something going on… I was on the last Olympic team and he was […]

Kobe Bryant was caught shirtless, casually sitting in between two women last week in Barcelona and the pictures have caused many to wonder if the…

I guess the media should thank Vanessa Bryant for getting them through a slow news season this past winter, even if it all the reporting was in vain.

I guess the media should thank Vanessa Bryant for getting them through a slow news season this past winter, even if it all the reporting was in vain. When Kobe Bryant‘s wife filed for divorce after 10 years of marriage, everyone had something to say about his infidelity, her assumed conniving plan, why she was […]

NBA star Kobe Bryant is realizing it’s cheaper to keep her! In 2003, when Kobe Bryant nearly lost his wife Vanessa, it took a $4 million ring  to win her back.  This time he’s taking his please-forgive-me-game to a new level, and even to a higher power. Kobe is spending “millions of dollars” to have […]