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3 Easy Things You Can Do To Prevent a Morning Heart Attack


1. Take most of your meds at night.

  • Blood pressure-lowering medications can ward off the morning pressure rise when you take them before bed.
  • Meds to lower cholesterol also work better when taken at night, because the liver likes to make extra cholesterol while you sleep. Keeping your cholesterol down in the morning will help reduce the fragility of any plaque build-up in the arteries.
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  • Baby aspirin, which thins the blood and make it less likely to clot, can help your blood flow better in the morning when taken just before bed.
  • Magnesium (500mg) taken before bed will help your blood vessels relax and open up. Pair it with 1,000 milligrams of calcium to keep the magnesium from causing runny stools and help stabilize plaque in the arteries. 

2. Floss at night

Gum disease is a leading cause of inflammation in the body, and inflammation makes it more likely that plaque in your blood vessels will rupture. The best time to fight gum disease and inflammation is at night when the body slows the production of saliva giving bacteria the chance to run wild. Flossing at night keeps bacteria in check and your gums and blood vessels healthier.


3. Get a good night’s sleep

Poor sleep raises your blood pressure (and nightmares may increase your heart rate and stiffness in your blood vessels), so take a little time to get a peaceful 7 to 8 hours each night. Try these tricks:

  • Get 20 minutes of sun daily to increase melatonin (the sleep hormone) at night.
  • Try a little lemon balm. One study found that it improved anxiety, nervousness, and sleep disturbances in 90% of patients.
  • Listen to relaxing music at night, which has been shown to reduce your heart rate and blood pressure and may help decrease nightmares.

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