Wyclef Jean Hospitalized For ‘Stress And Fatigue’ In Secret Location

By Bridget Bland on Sep 27th 2010 5:05PM

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Wyclef Jean hasn’t been having the best year.

It appears all of his recent let-downs related to running for president of Haiti and being dropped from the ballot — because he didn’t meet the country’s residential requirements — are finally taking a toll on his health.

As previously reported, the former Fugees front-man singer previously received criticism from Hollywood heavyweight Sean Penn and his former bandmate Pras, who both said he didn’t have the political credentials to take such a high profile gig.

Now comes news that the multiple Grammy Award winner was hospitalized for “stress and fatigue” at an undisclosed location.According to his rep, Marian Salzman, he’s been busy recording and traveling around Europe, Asia and Africa and suffered through a “grueling eight weeks.”

Even with that medial ordeal, the 37 year-old singer/rapper, who currently resides in New Jersey, still has no plans of slowing out.

Salzman said he “plans to take easy” that is until the release of his upcoming new album later this year.

This news leaves some to wonder if this incident wreaks of a publicity stunt and if, like Fantasia‘s quick return from her suicide attempt,‘Clef is returning to the spotlight too soon.

There is no word on his current condition, but his rep confirmed he plans to be released this week.