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How Can You Tell If Your Man Wants to Marry You in the Future? 7 Ways to Know It for Sure

by sita rana, on Wed Sep 29, 2010 10:14am PDT 79 Comments Post a Comment Read More from This Author » Report Abuse ShareretweetEmailPrint

It can be very difficult to see where your future is headed, especially when you are attempting to determine the nature of the long term possibilities of your relationship. There are however a few things you can observe in your man’s behavior that will help you understand his plans.

Quality Vs. Quantity in Regards to Your Time

With the development of a serious relationship, the man begins to understand that there is a big difference between spending a lot of time with you, and spending quality time with you. The more thought he puts into your outings, the greater the chance that he wants to spend the rest of his life with you.

Future Planning

Careers are becoming very important to both genders, and a man who is interested in marrying his girl will take a genuine interest and start subtly asking about your future plans with your job, so he can start to figure out how your marriage will work

Making Fiscally Responsible Choices

As a man realizes that he has found his counterpart, he will start to lose a great deal of his immaturity and start planning for the future. He will most likely start saving as much as he can, to ensure that you, as a married couple, will have a strong financial basis.

Is he Comfortable About the Big Question?

Men tend to seize up, and get very irritable if their women try to talk to them about weddings when they are not comfortable thinking that far ahead. However, if he is able to talk to you about marriages with ease, chances are he is able to picture you with him for the long haul.

Pronoun Changes

If things start to change from you and me, to “us”, then he is starting to accept and institute the possibility that you will spend the rest of your lives together. As the union of marriage merges you into one person, changing the way he talks about the two of you together is a good indicator into his plans.

Redecorating the “Man Cave”

If your man allows you to change parts of his house to add your personal touch, he is willing and able to accept your major role as his wife in the future.

How are the Introductions?

As a man introduces you, he should be more comfortable talking to his friends and family about you being the girlfriend or serious girlfriend, instead of being just a friend. If he is proud and willing to introduce you to everyone, then he is comfortable including you in his life.