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Nearly 8,000 Democrats got a treat this Halloween at the Wolstein Center on the campus of Cleveland State University.

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden came to Cleveland for the last rally in a series of “Moving America Forward” events, ahead of the November 2nd midterm election.

The event, which was open and free to the public, kicked off with remarks from Congressman Dennis Kucinich and Congresswoman Betty Sutton.

Both said this election is extremely important in Ohio to keep the state and country moving forward. They also encouraged the crowd to get their friends and family members to the polls on Tuesday.

Senator Sherod Brown, who is not up for election, also spoke at the rally. He told the crowd, “I want you to do one thing. Each of you think of five people you know that might not be voting this year…I want you to be responsible for them.”

The President took the stage at 2 p.m., laying out the stakes for Ohioans and the choice for voters this November:

Whether to support Democratic leaders and continue to make progress for American families and small businesses, or, to return to the failed, Bush-era policies that nearly drove the nation into a second Great Depression.

“It’s up to you to remember that this election is a choice – between the policies that got us into this mess and the policies that are leading us out of this mess,” The President said at the Wolstein Center.

Mr. Obama is trying to motivate young voters — who turned out in great numbers and carried him to the White House in 2008 — to get out and vote Tuesday.

Grammy-winning hip-hop artist “Common” performed at the rally, helping The President connect with his young supporters. Source: Read more