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The cold winter months often mean days on end of boring indoor play. Watching a favorite movie or cooking a fun new meal might be fun at first, but by the middle of winter these activities can become dull. Try some of these indoor activities for kids to brighten a chilly day!

Craft ideas for children

  • Young Children: Try a process based art activity. This type of art activity encourages the child to explore the process, and does not necessarily result in a finished looking product. Examples include finger painting, free painting (experimenting with color, line, and shape), clay play, or collage.
  • Elementary School Aged Child: A slightly older child may enjoy a more challenging art or craft activity. Allow the child to choose an activity that follows along with his or her interests. Try painting a portrait, taking photographs, beading a necklace, or decorating a diorama.
  • Adolescents: Teens may display an adult skill level in terms of artistic ability. Although an adolescent may have a favorite type of art process such as drawing or painting, introduce something new. Try learning a new craft such as knitting, crochet, or ceramics together.
  • Reading With Children

    Literacy skills are vital to the developing child. Enjoy a family night in reading an interesting narrative together. Ask the child to choose a favorite story or introduce a classic tale.

    Families with children of multiple ages can select a book that is appropriate for many different ages. For example, a book such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl (Puffin Books, 1964) may interest both a preschooler and a grade school aged child.

    Other ways to include children of multiple ages are:

    • Ask an older child to read to a younger child.
    • Have each family member take turns reading.
    • Encourage an older child to choose a favorite book from when he or she was younger to read to a sibling.
    • Select a book with vivid illustrations for all to enjoy.

    Finding a fun indoor activity does not need to be difficult. Snow games, crafts, and reading are all wonderful ways to spend time inside. These ideas represent a small selection of activities available for families to try; therefore some families may need to look for additional options.


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