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The debate is whether or not to ban menthol cigarettes. This could mean the end of Newports. But the company that makes the cigarettes says banning menthol cancer sticks is “racist.”

In 2009, the government placed a ban on flavored cigarettes to deter youth from smoking. Menthol cigarettes were able to fly under the radar as companies like Kool and Newport were able to sway the opinion that menthol is not a flavor – even though menthol masks the harsh taste of cigarettes for beginners.

But now the fight is on to get menthol cigarettes banned. And what does Lorillard Tobacco — the company that makes Newports — think about this whole ordeal?

“It’s Racist!”

It’s no secret that menthol cigarettes are a favorite among Africa- Americans. 80% of black smokers prefer menthol cigarettes over any other kind. So Lorillard has opted to play the race card as it looks to prevent the Food & Drug Administration from banning a product that makes up roughly 90% of its sales. As the company prepares to face a special FDA tobacco advisory committee in the coming week, Lorillard has courted African American groups to help make its case. They have even enlisted a consultant to get prominent African Americans to speak out against the ban.

How crazy is that?

So basically, Lorillard is saying that it is racist to take a product off the market that can kill 80% of black smokers. Does that sound right to you? Honestly, it sounds racist to keep a product on the market that is targeted towards African-Americans and can ultimately kill them.

Now that’s racist.

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