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Women have to overcome a lot to reach the higher rungs on the corporate ladder. Unfortunately, we can be our own worst enemies when it comes to killing an otherwise promising career. In today’s competitive market, making mistakes could cost you your career or at least that plush promotion. The best career advice you can receive is to avoid the top 10 career killers for women. Save yourself a possible job loss.

Diva Attitude

Acting like a diva is not just for accomplished singers, you can act like one, too! Please don’t! If your company suddenly decides to play “Survivor” I can guarantee you’ll get voted off the island. Don’t expect and command preferential treatment. Other women will resent you and you will break the unspoken rule of “sisterhood.”

No Personal Contact

Email and voice mail are efficient ways to communicate but not always the best. A lot can get lost in translation especially when dealing with touchy subjects. Make office or cubicle visits. Be pleasant and personable. It’s harder to fire someone you see every day. It’s less difficult to fire a voice on the phone.

Being a Doormat

Stand up for yourself in a clear, positive manner. Refuse to be a doormat and share you concerns appropriately when you think you are being treated unfairly. Employers want strong, but not overly vocal employees who know their own value. Don’t rely on the company or a boss for affirmation.

Stealing Credit

We have all had it happen to us and it stinks. You work hard on a project or find a good solution then have a fellow employee bask in your glow. Give others credit. Even if you took lead on the project, acknowledge the successes of others. Don’t be afraid to be outshone. Leaders give credit where credit is due.

Gossip Girls

When you are a gossip, nobody trusts you. They may come to you for information but they will never, ever trust you. Your employer will keep the woman who can keep her mouth closed. Don’t engage in gossip.

Missing Deadlines

When you sign up for a project get the details in advance. It is best to ask for a job extension at the beginning of the project rather than in the middle or at the end. Don’t miss important deadlines. Chances are other departments depend on you to deliver so they can contribute their parts. When you run behind, everyone does.

Personal Time

You don’t get “me time” at work. Don’t Facebook, text or blog while at work, even on your break. In a busy department, your boss may not know you are on a break. Avoid socializing and taking personal time while at work.


Ugh! It’s time for the company Christmas party. I have said that and chances are so have you but we should be a little more positive. This is your time to shine and strengthen ties with your coworkers and the boss. Being anti-social can kill your career. When times are tough and cuts are on the horizon, again, it may be the quiet ones that go first. Be friendly and attend company sponsored events with a happy attitude.

Sleeping With Your Boss

Most of us in the “big girls club” know this rule but it helps to be reminded. Don’t sleep with your boss or anyone you work with. It never ends well and could cost you your job. Let’s face it probably won’t be worth it anyways.


Not related to the above topic! Be willing to adopt company changes without too much fuss. If they don’t cut into your bottom line then don’t complain. Be flexible on deadlines, policies and processes.

Source: Yahoo Shine

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