Chris Brown will finally discuss in detail what drove him to beat up his ex-girlfriend Rihanna on that February night in a new MTV News special “Chris Brown: The Interview,” which airs Friday, November 6, at 6 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

In the hour-long interview with MTV News correspondent Sway, Brown explains what caused him to lash out against his former girlfriend, why he tweeted old photos of the two of them and what does he think about, nine months later, when he recalls that fateful night?

“My thoughts [when I look back on it now] is like, why did it happen?” he told Sway during the interview that took place in Brown’s native Virginia. “Like, what was I thinking? What is wrong with you? That’s what I’m thinking with myself. That’s what my thoughts are, basically, now.

“It’s like, how do we get past it? How do you, Chris — talking to myself — how do you go from point A to point B? How do you learn from your mistakes, turn it into a positive and help other people with the situation, and at the end of the day become the person that you want to be?”

During the interview, Brown told MTV News that therapy is helping him to assesshis actions and behavior. The singer said he sits in group settings during his weekly sessions and combines the experiences of others with his own to figure out what led him to assault then-girlfriend Rihanna. “Just anger,” he said plainly when asked by Sway what triggered the incident. “Yeah, anger.

“Young people, we do before we think,” Brown added.