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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Sex

1. You have almost no control over what or whom you find sexy. Instantaneous sex appeal and how we connect with another person mostly has to do with physical and psychological factors we may have little or no control over. Pheromones play a huge part in this, as does our culture, our earliest imprinting experiences, even mirroring, which means we tend to be attracted to people who look (and smell) a lot like ourselves!

2. The prize for sexiest animal goes to the female pig. Lady pigs can have orgasms that last for 30 minutes, lucky pigs!

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3. The Spanish have hundreds of words to describe the male member. Spanish people are particularly sexually articulate. Among the many Spanish dialects of Colombian, Argentinian, Panamanian, Basque, Castillian, Andulusian, Latin American Spanish, etcetera, there are hundreds if not a thousand words that mean “penis.” Among the more colorful terms are “machete,” (that’s Venezuelan), “matacuaza” (Mexican), and “pedro,” (that’s “Peter” in Spanish). The French, for the record, have about 100 slang terms for the same thing; the German half that.

4. There is no real correlation between the size of a man’s hands and his penis. Folklore abounds with this misinformation, as well as other mythologies which compare a man’s nose, his feet, and his index finger to his more private parts. Alas, there is no medical evidence to support these theories. A study conducted recently at St. Mary’s Hospital and University in London published in The British Journal of Urology International examined 104 men with foot sizes 8 through 13 only to conclude there was no link.

5. Oysters can get you hot, but so can celery. While oysters have long been recognized as an aphrodisiac (pure protein, they are an energy booster that won’t leave you feeling stuffed), celery packs its own erotic punch. Containing the vitamins A,B,C and D as well as a load of minerals, celery is mostly water, which is very hydrating. Wetness is an aphrodisiac!

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6. Post sex redness and rashiness can last up to an hour. This is what is called the “post-coital flush.” Most women after (even during) the act of love develop a measle-like flush that extends over their neck and chest after intercourse. This isn’t caused by human friction, but by sexual excitement. It’s an indicator, in fact, that the woman is in good sexual health. Sadly, only about 50% of women after menopause get the flush, due to the decrease in hormones.

7. Dilated pupils reveal sexual interest. This is one of those things a person has no control over. If another human being is sexually interested in you, their pupils will dilate. It’s a physiological change that has to do with body chemistry and erotic stimuli and how we relate and connect to others. Want to hide your desire? Wear dark glasses.

8. Ditto for flared nostrils. Flared nostrils are another indicator of sexual and erotic interest. Again, it’s a response that is physiological. It all goes back to our animal natures, this dilated pupil/flared nostril thing. These responses are primitive signals and essentially are about reproduction.

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9. Sweet almond oil makes an amazing sexual lubricant. As female bodies age, they get drier, both inside and out, making intercourse painful to the point of avoidance. While over the counter remedies such as K-Y Warming work to offset the lack of natural lubricants, and prescription creams and jellies containing estrogen and hormones can help, a trip to the health food store may be all a woman needs to get the juices flowing. Massage it into the skin, even internally. Put some on him. Try it. It works.

10. Testosterone is fabulous, but a guy can have too much of a good thing. While it is testosterone that makes a man feel manly, an overabundance of this hormone can be the cause a number of male problems including premature baldness, growth of the prostate, even cancer of the prostate. Women taking testosterone either by pill or by patch or who use testosterone creams report feeling an increase in sexual desire and more enjoyment of sex, but there is a risk that women on testesterone are more prone to heart attack, too. Before embarking on any hormone replacement therapy, discuss all issues with your doctor.