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Man Who Attacked Female Shoppers with Semen Gets Probation

By Ruth Manuel-Logan on Feb 28th 2011 10:42AM

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The Maryland man who squirted semen from a squeeze bottle last summer on unsuspecting female shoppers had his sentence suspended Thursday from three years in prison to three years probation.

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Michael Wayne Edwards Jr., allegedly broke up with his girlfriend of 10 years and reportedly decided to take out his anger on female shoppers by squirting them with semen as they strolled the aisles of Giant Food supermarket and Michael’s craft store in Gaithersburg.

One woman, who was in a check-out line at Giant last summer, noticed a man staring oddly at her. As she began to leave the store, he walked quickly behind her, pulled out his squeeze bottle and squirted a liquid substance on to her back. Police investigators analyzed the substance and determined that it was human semen.

The 28-year-old’s semen attacks can be traced back to November 2009. Edwards would follow the victims throughout the stores, then as they began to exit, squirt semen onto their backs.

Edwards, Jr., who holds an undergraduate degree in criminal justice and who worked as an armed security guard at a government installation, actually turned himself in to police and admitted to squirting his semen on at least five random victims.

Last November, Edwards pleaded guilty to two counts of second-degree assault. With no previous criminal record, Edwards’ current sentence means that he will not serve any more time in jail unless he violates probation.

Meanwhile, Edwards lawyer Barry Helfand contends that his client will be seeing a therapist while on probation. Helfand also went on to state that a doctor told the court that Edwards’ actions were the result of misplaced anger after breaking up with his girlfriend.

If you buy that cockamamie excuse, then I have prime swampland to sell you in Florida!

But seriously, There are so many deviants in this society and they come in all shapes, sizes and from all walks of life. Churchgoers, scholars, law enforcement personnel, however you want to cloak it, anyone who breaks the law is a deviant and should be punished. Edwards and his legal team, can argue til the cows come home, that he has lead an immaculate existence but the act that he committed is downright dispicable and should be punishable to the fullest extent of the law. Edwards is a very sick man who has to have total disdain for women for him to have even conjured up what he did to them. Probation should resort back to jail time and the judge should order mandatory therapy for Edwards.

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