Daily SMH: Fox News Reporter Questions If Woman Beaten Into Coma “Deserved It”

by Andreas Hale Posted Mar 9th 2011 3:05PM

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Remember the woman who was knocked into a coma over a parking space? Well, Fox News thinks she might have deserved it.

Us journalists know that media outlets have to use tricky positioning of an article in order to garner page views. But this is downright ridiculous.

Fox News Reporter, Megyn Kelly, certainly could have thought of a better way to bring attention to the sad story of Lana Rosas being hit by Oscar Fuller over a parking space and slipping into a life threatening coma. Instead, Kelly goes for the shock approach when tweeting about the incident.

To even try to blame the victim is wrong on so many levels but this is just outrageous.

Not only does Kelly question if it’s okay for a man to knock out a woman, but she also asks this question on International Woman’s Day. She also gets it wrong by saying that Fuller said Rosas “deserved” to be hit. Those words never came out of his mouth. He said he “reacted” but that doesn’t mean she “deserved” it. Sheesh.

To even inquire “Could he be right” is downright foolish. What do you mean “could he be right?” When is it ever okay to hit a 100 lbs woman and see her fighting for her life at the hands of a man who is much bigger than her?

Could you be more wrong? Only in Kelly’s Court!

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