Update: Both women — mother Toni Duncan and pregnant daughter Ashley Jackson — pleaded not guilty to charges yesterday. The judge ordered them not to shop together, and specifically not to shop at the Walmart where their alleged tirade took place. That last bit shouldn’t be a problem — a Walmart spokesman says the duo have been banned from all Walmarts. (Morning Journal)


An Elyria mother/daughter duo were just doing their best to make it on People of Walmart. That’s about the only explanation we can come up with for the bizarre incident surrounding their recent visit to the big-box slinger of $1 tube socks.

It all began when 21-year-old Ashley Jackson, who is pregnant, stopped in with 49-year-old Toni Duncan, her mother. They had a gift card that needed more cash and they needed a money order — just some usual errands. Get in, get out, get on with their day. Unfortunately, according to the Morning Journal, an employee at the customer service desk didn’t help them, and this made them very, very angry.

They decided to get the hell out of dodge, but were intercepted by the store’s Walmart greeter, a kindly 71-year-old man just doing his job — saying howdy, smiling, and checking receipts on the way out. This made them very, very, very angry, because they didn’t have their receipt. So, naturally, they yelled at him and called him a “cracker.” Of course.

Wait, it gets better.

Mom wasn’t content with simply yelling; she wanted to get physical, because after all, this 71-year-old Walmart greeter needed to be taught a lesson. She pushed a cart into him, then choked him.

That’s when the daughter got in on the fracas. She went back to the customer service desk and the employee who did not help the duo when they first arrived at the store, telling him that once her boyfriend found out about the egregious offense, the employee wouldn’t be alive.

The end? Nope.

Jackson then hollered, “I’m going to blow up Walmart,” on her way out of the store after employees managed to stop the fight.

Cops arrived to find mom and daughter by their car, still complaining about the horrible mistreatment at the hands of the store’s staff. When Jackson was asked if she threatened to blow up the store, she replied, “Yeah, I did, so there.”

Daughter was charged with inducing panic and aggravated menace; mom was charged with assault.