Star Jones and Joy Behar reunited for the first time since Jones’ stormy exit from “The View” in 2006.

Jones left the show amidst a flurry of rumors (which she later confirmed) that she had gotten gastric bypass surgery. In her 2008 memoir, Barbara Walters said Jones forced all of her co-hosts to lie about her surgery. Jones fired back, slamming Walters as an “adulterer” in the “sunset of her life.” She then wrote a book, “Satan’s Sisters,” about the women of a daytime talk show. That book is now published, and she appeared on Behar’s HLN show to promote it.

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It was the first time the two had even spoken since Jones left “The View.” Jones said she missed “the discussion” on the show, and called the first eight years of the experience good ones, though she said the last one was “miserable.” She disputed Behar’s claim that she left the show “angry-ish,” saying instead that she left “dramatically.” Jones also said that the fallout from the show was devastating.

“The network was leaking out little stuff to the media and paparazzi was at my house, and ringing my doorbell and contacting my neighbors,” she said. “And it was really probably the most emotionally destroying time of my life.”

Jones then called Behar out for not contacting her when she had open heart surgery.

“You didn’t call, you didn’t write,” she said. “They cracked my chest. You didn’t send a flower.” Behar insisted that this was the first she was hearing about this. “I didn’t know that until today,” she said. “I swear to you.” But she also admitted that she has “a tendency to block out illnesses when people tell me.”


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