CLEVELAND – Charlie Sheen was greeted by a standing ovation inside Playhouse Square’s State Theater Tuesday night. ( Read a play-by-play blog of his show .)

Wearing an Indian’s jersey the man who played Ricky “Wild Thing” Vaughn in the movie “Major League” knew how to play to the hometown crowd saying it was time to make a “Major League 3” that he’d like to see shot in Cleveland and comparing his feelings for his ex-wives to Cleveland’s feelings for LeBron James.

The show was scaled back after it’s debut to boos in Detroit on Saturday, a show that Sheen referred to as a “gift” Tuesday night because it forced him to drop what didn’t work and a moderator who guided Sheen when needed with questions and let Charlie be Charlie.

“He was honest I thought, straight forward, he definitely didn’t hold anything back,” said Eric Wheeler who drove up from New Philadelphia for the show.

“I didn’t know what to expect that’s why I bought the tickets,” said Sara Mann of Akron. “First half was better than the second half there were some really good one liners kind of all over the place but he had his moderator there to keep him steady.”

It was boring honestly, no offense I mean he’s not a comedian stay on “Two and a half Men,” said Gino Capriato of Cleveland.  “he was okay because he threw out some Cleveland things into it but other than that nothing special.”

The show lasted just under two hours with an intermission and with the exception of parody of Sheen’s now famous interview on 20/20 consisted solely of Sheen talking about himself, his catchphrases, women and drugs.

There was a fair amount of interaction between Sheen and the audience that at times yelled messages of support and at times seemed to heckle the star.  That didn’t sit well with James Estrada from Bowling Green.

“I thought it was horrible, there was a lot of people that were kind of cheering and egging him on so it just kind of went everywhere there was really no order to it, no structure or anything like that,” he said.   “It was kind of a waste of 50 bucks,” he said.

The tour will head to the Palace Theatre in Columbus on Wednesday before heading to New York City’s Radio City Music Hall this weekend.