The group of nearly a dozen people worked with staffers from Project Medishare, which is running the largest tent hospital in the Caribbean nation to help those most impacted by the massive earthquake that rocked the island on Jan. 12.

“Being in Haiti was a remarkable experience,” said Nikki Woods, senior producer for “The Tom Joyner Morning Show.” “What stood out the most for me was how the Haitian people continued to live their lives against a backdrop of disaster and devastation. Outsiders marvel, pity and take pictures while they simply keep going, accomplishing as much as they can with brooms, shovels and wheelbarrows. Amazing.”

“We visited an orphanage off site and also did some work witth the logistics center checking in patients,” Woods told

After efforts to get into Haiti just days after the earthquake were thwarted, the TJMS team – which included Joyner, his wife, Donna Richardson Joyner and sidekick Sybil Wilkes – spent last week touring the hospital and the city of Port au Prince to survey the damage left by the earthquake and to donate their time to assist in a number of ways.

Some in the Joyner party helped organize the supply tent, while others worked with Project Medishare’s logistical team at the command center.

The group also worked with the PlayCare Program of Project K.I.D, a non-profit organization that sends response teams to assist with emergency preparedness and response systems in communities to meet the needs of children in disasters.

Project Medishare for Haiti, Inc., was founded in 1994 by doctors Barth Green and Arthur Fournier, who assembled a team of faculty from the University of Miami Schools of Medicine and Nursing to assess the health care situation in Haiti and explore ways in which they could help improve the health conditions there.

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