A 2-year-old boy was beaten to death for wetting his pants and his mother’s boyfriend has been charged with his murder in Georgia.

Cops in Georgia arrived at the mom’s home where they found the toddler unconscious and struggling to breathe. His mom was at work and the child was in the care of his mother’s boyfriend, 23-year-old James Rivera Sims.

Cops say the boy had apparently wet his pants and Sims told police he grabbed the boy and took him into the restroom, “He said he grabbed him by the arm and he just collapsed.”

Cops thought he was lying so they dug into his story and eventually charged him with 1st degree cruelty to children. An autopsy completed Wednesday determined Cayden’s head had been struck several times. Also, both of the boy’s testes were swollen and bruised, she said.

Sims now faces a murder charge in the death of the child. The toddler had been with the mom for only 2 weeks at the time of his death. The boy had been in the custody of grandparents.