Not even two weeks ago, Serena Williams’ stalker was arrested for attempting to trespass on her property while carrying a love letter professing his love. According to reports, the 40-year-old man followed her to various appearances across the country before showing up on her property in Miami while she was attending an event in New York. After he was arrested, he told police that he used Twitter to track Serena’s whereabouts.

Yesterday, Serena caused a stir on twitter when she changed her twitter profile photo to one of her standing in lingerie behind a sheer curtain. At first glance, it may not seem like a big deal, however she was slammed by her Twitter followers and sports journalists before she decided to take the photo down. They suggested that the photo invited acts of sexual perversion and seemed to play on her being ‘watched’ by someone which they found to be inappropriate with her recent stalker issues.

Business Insider also suggested that the photos bear a striking resemblance to photos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews, taken by a stalker while she was changing in her hotel room.

Meanwhile, the Yay or Nay writes:

Stalker or no, it seems a awfully presumptuous to tell a woman when and where she can be sexy or what types of pictures she can post on her own twitter page, especially when that body and that sexiness are part of her livelihood. It just sounds backward to me to say this about Serena Williams and not mention anything when Kim Kardashian, Marissa Miller, or Cheryl Burke post a sexy photo. I’m sure they’ve all had a stalker at some point. How long after the stalking incident must one wait before getting back to work in the business of making sexy photos? Would it have been okay for Serena to be sexy in June or should she have waited until the fall for some back to school sexy photos? Who among us has to right to tell a woman when, where, and how to be sexy?