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If your not following Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and weren’t on Twitter last night, you missed some serious buffoonery. Tiny’s Twitter account was hacked, and this wasn’t just any old hacker. This person went OFF, dissing Nicki Minaj, Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, Rihanna and even pulled President Obama and the White House into the mix. WTF!?

The hacker said some pretty disrespectful things, including breaking up with T.I, telling Nicki Minaj that her “man (T.I) raps better than her” and informing Rihanna that she “needed some serious help”. She even went as far as tweeting CBS News and President Obama with threats. SMH

At least it seemed like most of the celebrities the hacker tweeted were understanding of this situation since they didn’t fire back at Tiny- except Rihanna who Tweeted “ur a tad late.. just a tad… “. Not sure if this was a sneak diss or not, but Rihanna is the only person Tiny formally apologized to over Twitter thus far.

I always wonder how these celebrity Twitter accounts get hacked….hmmm. We hope that she gets that account fixed!

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