You Can Make Me Love You…By Driving Tank Through My Heart

 By BridgetEE

I don’t know any other way to say it other than (in my little 3 year old homie Toots voice) “ME MAD!!” . How did this Musical Master Piece get by me, side bar: I usually don’t like remakes especially remakes of classics because…well how the saying goes “If it’s not broke then don’t fix it” and being real sometimes folks just don’t have the ummm, well let me say it the way I want to say it, the proper tools to fix. Come on now I know I’m not the only one !! But in this particular case Tank says it’s “Now Or Never and I Can’t make You Love Me!!” Well I say YES THE HELL YOU CAN!!! Tank did a masterful job of remaking this song that has a laundry list of others including Prince, Kimberly Locke, George Michaels etc. that have tried to recreate but have not done it nearly the justice that Tank has done. As a matter of fact I think I like this Tank rendition better then all including the original. Fellas do you need to woo your lady right now or Sistas do you need to let your man know that your feelin some kind of way right now? If so this is right on time for you if your not already up on it..From his new Album Now Or Never this is Tanks official video for “I Can’t Make You Love Me”… caution while drinking and watching …..

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