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Miki Howard And Chuckii Booker Are CrAzEe!!

By BridgetEE

Watching the 2011 BET Awards this past weekend, they gave honor to Patti LaBelle, it made me think of the many real true vocally talented and musically gifted artist of our time. People that if I said there name this younger generation would say “who”? If I say, Sarah Vaughn and Billie Holiday the legendary women that layed the ground work for the vocally artistic, although some of us don’t know what they looked like we definately know their sound, this younger genration would say “so whats the big deal about them”. They don’t realize that before we became such a visual society filled with videos and a million different award shows and concerts, that it used to be your audio that got you out there. So with these changes in times you have more “Fly” looking artist opposed to “Amazing Vocal” artists. Listening to Pastor Ceasar effortlessly bringing chills to your soul and Patti LaBelle forcing you to want to shout all through house like you were in a concert. Up and coming artist such as Marsha Ambrosius, Ledisi and the soon to be legend Jill Scott showed you real range as it was blessed for them to reveal as they are made to struggle to get out. Buried in this day and age of Hip Hop where disrespect, abuse and live fast die young rule, an age where here today gone tomorrow artist are shoved down our throats (still haven’t quite figured out why that is yet) are people like Stephanie Mills, Vivian Green, Rachelle Ferrell and “watch me work right here now” Cherelle the list goes on and on. How about the notes that go with these artist your Roy Ayers and James Moody (thats right I went way back on ya). When you combine real gifted notes with a real gift voice you get something rare and CrAzZe…but isn’t that how real music is supposed to be. Showing that music really is an art that doesn’t always get out to reach the masses like it should is this rare recording of Miki Howard singing and Chuckii Booker playing all the instruments and singing the background vocals…take this new school this is CrAzEe


Miki Howard

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