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Like many of you, most Working Divas are workaholics. Yes, there are times when even fitness fanatics like us have trouble fitting a good workout into our jam-packed workweek. So what’s a girl to do when she can’t get to the gym?

Get a workout at work!

It’s not quite as good as your spinning class, but these fast, easy, and effective exercises will help you get your fitness on from 9 to 5.

Buy a Ball — It’s time to grab life by the stability balls. They’ve become a staple at most gyms, so why not try it in the office? Simply swap your chair for a fitness ball and you’ll immediately start to feel the benefits. Sitting on the ball during the day can help tone key core muscle groups and improve balance (so you stop spilling those martinis!). For added intensity, try doing some crunches on the ball – just, you know, don’t wear a short shirt.

Take the Stairs — ?Skip the elevator and go back, waaay back to when Larry King was a young boy and stairs were the only way up. Climbing the stairs is a quick way to boost your heart rate for a few minutes every day.

Take a Stand — This one should be pretty obvious: find a cause you believe in and write to your Senators.

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ean literally just standing up (but supporting your fave causes is great too!). You simply burn more calories when you’re standing rather than sitting. Try getting off your chair for a few minutes every hour. Really love standing? Yo

u can splurge on a cutting-edge standing desk! Plus, instead of calling or IM-ing your co-workers, why not get up and walk to their office? Make sure to walk briskly – they’ll think you’re doing something really important.