The week’s best iPhone apps

Songify: It turns basic speech into awesome songs. You don’t even have to try to sing! Made by the Gregory Brothers, the dudes behind Bedroom Intruder, Auto-Tune the News, Double Rainbow and more hilariously awesome songs, the app pretty much gives you their powers. For example, I recited Gizmodo article titles and the app imposed it on the Double Rainbow soundtrack to create something way more fun than it should be.

Sketchbook Pro: It’s the uber-popular Autodesk SketchBook Pro that’s already invaded iPads, iPhones and Androids but now on Honeycomb tablets as well. It’s a canvas for you to draw and paint on, with virtual tools and brush styles that can be really used to create art. You can save up to six layers per file and export files to photoshop for further working. Great for professionals who want to use their tablets for ideas and amateurs like me who can only hope to draw a straight line. $5

Can I get a live person please!! This website may actually help you the next time you call your cable company, or any company that annoys you by letting ‘The Voice’ do all the work. Check out this website, It’s designed to help you bypass the promps and get you to a live person ASAP!